Realism? Surrealism? What makes something real?

To me it’s something in it’s own world. With background and an atmosphere. Details and realistic light that reveal beautiful structures. This piece of art is mother nature. Could she be surreal?

Father and daughter

As you can see there is an immense difference between the darkness of a fresh tattoo and a healed one. Especially with grey sumi wash colours.

Let’s see how the portrait looks finished!


In our last session I worked the eye up, a real piece of art.

Till Bluenote did it a long time ago and still until my upwork it has looked fantastic. But because of our fresh and dark work on the left chest we decided to put some new ink in that old eye next to it and get it back to present!

In fairness to Till justice it should be said that his tattoo was over 20 years old!

What a nice finish, I really think that both chests fit together fine now…

Spirit and Soul

This back piece shows us not to choose a too small tattoo as your very first one.


This is the first session of a collage.

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