Stay spontaneous

Today we can’t really say, if we’re allowed to tattoo next week. We just have to watch our local Corona incidence values and hope they don’t are over 100 for three days. no moping, I’m working on my mojo Plans are unforeseeable at the present. I’ll keep contacting you, if

Fresh start!!! (after 127 days of lockdown)

We are so glad to announce the end of the longest covid-19 lockdown ever. finally the world keeps turning! In the following I want to explain in which order I’ll organise all appointments (in German). Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Organisation aller entfallenden Termine

Jahre zappen – gleiches Programm

Alles wie vorher? Wir wünschen euch von Herzen das Gleiche! Gesundheit, Frohsinn, Glück, Zufriedenheit und DURCHHALTEVERMÖGEN in Corona-Zeiten. Tattoo-Termine Sobald ich weiß, wann ich wieder arbeiten darf, und erst dann (!), geht die Organisation los: Ich werde mich bei allen, die auf einen Ersatztermin für ihren Lockdown-Ausfall warten, melden; ebenfalls

2nd lockdown light

SUN, 1. NOV The second lockdown light has full control over all tattooists in Germany. No tattoos in November 2020! No secret tattooing! I’m very thankful for all offers about secret-tattooing, but let’s better do something or we should say “nothing” for our health. Stay strong and keep distancing. I

tattooCON Dortmund, Germany

9.-11. OKTOBER 2020 I’m so glad that everything we planned worked perfectly fine. The very first Tattoo Convention is definitely something special. We met so nice people and made good contacts! Thanks to everyone. Thanks to Corona the 25th Convention in Dortmund wasn’t as crowded as in earlier years and

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